Essential tools your first toolbox should have

Every every person should have a good toolbox with some essential tools. It does not matter whether you are going to college, starting a small garden, or moving into an apartment. Having a house toolbox with some essential tools is necessary. In fact, a toolbox can make your life a lot easier.

Claw hammer

This is a greatgh3wedtcg23wed6h272ju82t tool for its usefulness in pounding nails and ripping them out. Thus, if you are planning to do some hammering in the new home, you should purchase a claw hammer with a vinyl grip or rubber. The good thing about such materials is that they absorb shock. Putting together furniture and hanging picture frames require the use of a claw hammer. You should avoid dropping it on your toes.


Flathead and Philips are the common brands of screwdrivers. You need them in multiple sizes. They are very helpful in reducing the amount of space, which screwdrivers occupy in the toolbox and keeping them together in a single place. Screwdrivers with magnetic tips make it easy to keep small screws in a single place when working. This means that you will spend less time picking them up from the floor. You will find screwdrivers very important in each turn.

Adjustable wrench

This type of wrench appears like many wrenches in a single one. It is used for tightening bolts and nuts. It is an essential tool for working plumbing fixtures and repairing your bicycles. From this, you can see why this tool is an important tool.


Vice grips and lockable pliers are great choices for beginner toolbox. This is because it is a single tool that serves several purposes. You can use there where you need a wire cutter, small clamp, and wrench.

Level and measuring tape

Even if you havetg3ed6y237weu28i2 the claw hammer, without a level and measuring tape, you will find it difficult to carry out some jobs with accuracy. Not only hanging pictures but also hanging window treatments require this tool. It helps keep everything on level and nice.


This is a great tool for finding small objects. You should ensure that you have a flashlight and should be part of the emergency kit. Some think that you can survive without a flashlight, but it is quite difficult. During an emergency, it can save you a lot of hassles.